How to find freestanding bathtub manufacturers
Comparison between online platform and trade show
Trustworthy freestanding bathtub manufacturers


With the improvement of living standards, the bathtub has been accepted by more and more families. That’s why the industry of baths is booming.  A growing number of people have stepped into the industry, following the market trend.

 If you are one of them, who have interests in the business of bathtub, but you have no enough information about the products and manufacturers. This article can help you solve these problems. We will share some information about the bathtub, and our experience about how to find reliable freestanding bathtub manufacturers.

Freestanding Bathtub Manufacturers

How to find freestanding bathtub manufacturers

1. Online  platforms

(1)Virtual Export

With 6 B2B subsidiary online sourcing platforms, Virtual Export group has built a platform for all sizes and global buyers to sell and communicate with millions of products.  

With the support of high-performance search engine optimization tools, Virtual Export can provide an excellent B2B product searching experience, making it easy for users to find quality products from the subsidiary platforms to freestanding bathtub manufacturers.

Other than the products searching and trading, buyers can get the latest industry news and get the location of the nearest sales outlet.  

As a B2B platform, Virtual Export enables the users to make a comparison between two manufacturers’ offers and quotes.

From the perspective of resellers,  they can enjoy plenty of benefits in the Virtual Export group. With a fully automated web solution, resellers can have more business opportunities and higher visibility on the platform.

As to the freestanding bathtub manufacturers,  they can benefit from custom services and professional SEO tools, which can increase the traffic of their websites. Manufacturers can cooperate with Virtual Export to showcase products to meet the business goal, improve sales, and others.

(2)Global source

As an international B2B sourcing platform with a reputation, Global source has more than 50 years experience of in global trade. Connecting authentic buyers and suppliers from all over the world, Global source can provide tailored solutions to its users through various channels, including magazines, online platforms,s, and other freestanding bathtub manufacturers.

Global sources are one of the earliest international B2B E-commerce websites.

Since 1995, Global source has had over 10 million registered international buyers.  Global sources never stop their expansion. In 2019, the company launched Global Sources Electronics, Indonesia 2019 to connect China with the Southeast Asia market.

.It is also a major shareholder in the Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM) – the leading machinery exhibition in southern China – and its related shows.

These two are examples of online platforms, you can find the other platforms from different countries among freestanding bathtub manufacturers.

2. Trade show

Compared with finding a manufacturer on the online platform, searching then on a trade show can bring you opportunities that are more possible to succeed. When you find a manufacturer in the trade show, you can talk with them face to face to avoid the misunderstanding and vague you will meet during the online conversation for freestanding bathtub manufacturers.

On the other hand, you can also see the latest technology and products show up in the booth of the manufacturers. This sample enables you to know the quality of the products, but we should remind you that you should not trust totally what you see in the trade show. Every manufacturer will take their best-looking products to the place. Attracting people's attention.

A large-scale trade show enables thousands of manufacturers and distributors to gather together, providing an excellent platform for buyers to find a vendor.  A trade show also is a good place for a fresher to collect market information. Through collecting the manual of different manufacturers, you can know what’s the popular product.

Once you are willing to cooperate with one manufacturer, you can take their company information and pay a visit to their headquarter and factory.  

In such dong, you can check the authority of the companies to make sure you can get the quality products among freestanding bathtub manufacturers.



Freestanding Bathtub Manufacturers

Comparison between online platform and trade show


The biggest difference between these two methods is convenience. If you choose to search manufacturers and buy products online, you do not need to pay for a business trip to the trade show, which will cost you additional money. You can stay at home and click the mouse to search manufacturers, compare their product prices and chat with them. The whole process can be finished online.  

When it comes to the trade shows, it would be more troublesome. If you want to find a reliable manufacturer to buy wholesale products to start your business, freestanding bathtub manufacturers in China would be a good choice,  for relatively lower price products with the same quality as the products from other countries. Let assume that you will go to a trade show in China. You should prepare for a business trip, solve many problems, including language, internet(Need VPN), Accommodation, traffic and so on. It would be a little bit difficult for the first time.

2. The quality of information

In a trade show, you can directly get more information, including peers, market trends, the development of the industry. Through this information, you can make a more accurate development strategy for your company.  

With a great number of business owners of one industry gathering together, Trade shows can also provide a chance for you to investigate the development space of the market. You can measure that is it worth plowing your money into this industry.

Face-to-face communication with manufacturers can effectively stimulate cooperation.

Compared with the information you can get from the internet, The information you get from face-to-face communication and what you see in the trade shows can provide you with more insights into the industry.

So if possible, we would recommend you to go to the trade shows to find a bathtub manufacturer.


If you are confused about unaccountable brands you find on the internet, and also have no time to go to the trade shows, here we will list some trustworthy bathtub companies for you. You can contact these manufacturers at the beginning.



Trustworthy freestanding bathtub manufacturers

(1)American standard

With a long history of over 100 years, the history of American Standard dates back to 1872.   American Standard has provided high-quality bathroom solutions for thousands of families and strives to be pleasing, customer-oriented, and safe, helping people to build their dream bathroom space.  American has stayed committed to delivering a healthy, environmentally friendly, elegant, and beautiful lifestyle to the world.

American Standard is part of LIXIL Water Technology Group, a global bathroom, and home improvement manufacturer, and freestanding bathtub manufacturers.  LIXIL Group provides comprehensive home living solutions with groundbreaking sanitary and residential products, aiming to create a better home environment for everyone.  Its subsidiary brands include American Standard, Grohe from Germany, and Inez from Japan.  

American Standard bathroom covers a wide range of product categories, including toilets, intelligent toilets, intelligent electronic lids, basins, faucets, showers, shower equipment, bathtubs, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, bathroom accessories, bathroom suites, kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets, commercial products, etc.


(2)Bella Stone Co., Ltd

Bella Stone Co., Ltd, a professional manufacturer of solid surface and artificial stone bathroom-ware has built a reputation for its quality product since its foundation.

Based in Foshan the bathroom-ware heart of China, Bella Stone has an advanced 10,000 square meter production facility with an annual capacity of 10,000 bathtubs and 30,000 basins, employing 100 skilled workers and technicians. With several years of development, Bella Stone Company has grown to be one of China’s leading solid surface bathtub exporters and freestanding bathtub manufacturers.

Together, Bella Stone with such industry elites has established a well-trained team and comprehensive procedures to manufacture to demanding standards. Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs are incorporated into every stage of our manufacturing and production.


Since 1988, MTI Bath has earned a tremendous reputation for impeccable product quality, innovation, and a unique line of customizable bath products.

MTI offers products made from a variety of materials, including acrylic, engineered solid stone and wood, and others.

MTI's designer collection includes more than 150 bathtub models made of high-quality cross-linked acrylic. Most can be specified as soaking, air bath, whirlpool, or whirlpool/air bath combinations.

MTI also offers durable acrylic shower bases, frameless glass enclosures, handcrafted bathroom furniture, and specialty products such as Jentle Jet® laundry sinks.


Specializing in freestanding bathtubs, Knief was founded in 1979. With over 20 years of experience in specialized acrylic as well as 10 years in solid surface production, Knief has gained its reputation from the global market.  Knief only uses the best raw materials, together with the advanced process. The outstanding product quality has made knife the market leader. Knief can fulfill the highest quality parameter and individual customer requirements.

With reinforced premium co-molded Lucite® high-quality sanitary acrylic and unique and advanced K | Stone® material and its specifically developed production technology, we not only fulfill manufacturing standards, but we have also set benchmarks in the industry. We are making statements in perfection, providing the best quality and unique and exclusive designs to meet any desire and/or request. Being a step ahead in finding tomorrow’s solutions, being a qualified manufacturer for today’s requirements, that is our ambition, and for what Knief & Co. has gained a lot of recognition in the market over the past years.


Foshan Pensen New materials Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of artificial stone bathroom products, which integrates R & D, design, production, and sales. They produce artificial stone bathtubs and washbasins and other bathroom products, which are made by casting, splicing, and careful polishing and freestanding bathtub manufacturers.

Our products are exported to Europe, North America, Australia, and other overseas markets. Our company has been deeply trusted and praised by customers at home and abroad since its establishment. We warmly welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory and cooperate with us.


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Freestanding Bathtub Manufacturers


In this article, we share our experience about how to find reliable freestanding bathtub manufacturers, offering two methods- online platform and on-site trade show. We also made a comparison between these two methods, explaining their pros and cons. You can choose one of them to start your business according to your condition.

If you still have other questions, you can contact us through Email or telephone, we will reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for your reading!

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