China wash basin industry has recently become bigger and bigger. The wash basin produced in China is mainly for domestic use, but there are also wash basins exported to various countries.

Nowadays, the big majority of the wash basins sold in china are made by machines using high technology. In most wash basin factories, all of the wash basins are produced by machine, and only some small household wash basins are made by hand.

wash basin in china

Difference of Wash Hand Basin in America and Europe


The Wash Hand Basin in America is very different from Wash Hand Basins found in other parts of the world. Wash Hand Basin is short for Wash Hand Basin, Washroom, or Bathroom sink. For example, you will see Wash Hand Basins everywhere in Europe while Wash Hand Basins are not as prominent in America. Instead, Americans use drinking fountains more often than Wash Hand Basins to quench their thirst while using public bathrooms.

Here are some key differences between Wash Hand Basins in America and Europe:

- Typically round shape for European Wash Hand Basin with three legs on the bottom whereas American Wash hand basins typically have only one leg at the center of the basin;

- Size - European Wash hand basin typically bigger than Wash Hand basins found in America;

- Wash hand basins are typically used for washing hands and face while drinking fountains are more prominent Wash items in America as compared to Wash Hand Basins.    European Washrooms typically include Wash Hand Basin, Toilet, and Bidet while American Washrooms typically include only a toilet and sometimes a bidet.

Wash Hand Basin Cistern: On the other hand Cistern is not as common as tap water instead of using water from cistern wash hand basin, Americans prefer to use soap and clean their hands under taps which is typically more convenient than using wash hand basins which always seems dirty even if we do our best to keep it clean.  

Wash Hand Basins are more prominent Wash items in Europe. Wash Hand Basin used for washing hands and face while drinking fountains is more prominent Wash items in America as compared to Wash Hand Basins. European Washrooms typically include Wash Hand Basin, Toilet, and Bidet while American Washrooms typically include only a toilet and sometimes a bidet.

Different types of wash basin in China

The wash basin produced by China wash basin manufacturers initially used Japanese technology. Many famous Japanese wash basin brands were manufactured under the license of their original Japanese companies in China before the 1980s. However, after the 1980s, China wash basin factories independently got technology support from either European companies or American ones (or other foreign countries). Except for some famous local brands like "Jiashan" brand wash basins, most Chinese wash basins are just copies of foreign designs.


How many wash basins are being used in China? The statistic shows that there are over 6 million wash basins produced every year in China, which means almost one wash basin for each person in the country. Different from western countries where people own several wash basins at home, the number of wash basins owned per person is still very low in China's high-growth economy period due to the fact that China is a big developing country with a huge population. However, since China has implemented a family planning policy, this situation will gradually change in the future.


Because Chinese people have traditionally used wash basin made of ceramic, the size and shapes of wash basins produced in China are mainly identical to those in western countries. However, while only a few wash basins sold in the west are designed by famous designs, wash basins designed and manufactured by Chinese companies not only copy famous international brands but also newly design wash basins for their own market.


Before we go into how wash basins are made in China, there is something you must know about the types of wash basin in China.


There are two kinds of wash basins in China. A wash basin can be a washbowl or washbasin. The wash basin is a bowl-shaped fixture that sits on top of a pedestal or counter, and it is used for washing hands. It's made from stainless steel with the best quality material so your wash basin will last for years without rusting. Wash basins come in various shapes and styles to suit different areas. If you want to make sure it fits well with the decor of your home, choose one that looks stylish and not too big or small for the space you have allocated for it. Here are some types of wash basins:


Rectangular Basin

This type of wash basin is usually a small wash basin in China. Perfect for washroom with little space, you can choose a washbasin that fits well with the decor of your washroom.


Square Basin

If you want to give more emphasis on your washroom, this type of wash basins is the best choice to go. It's slightly wider than other washbasins so you have more control over where it will be placed.


Round Basin

This type of wash basin has a simple design but is very stylish because it looks neat and clean. A round wash basin adds beauty to any room because it brings out the creativity in decorating your washroom.


Rectangular Deep Basin

You can sit by your rectangular deep wash basin when you wash your hands. It's deep and wide so it can hold a lot of water in one place.


Square Deep Basin

Having wash basins with double sinks is better because you don't have to keep moving back and forth anymore if you want to wash your hands. This type of wash basin is really good for washroom that needs functional wash basins . You can sit by one side while someone else sits on the other side.


Washbasin with Orthogonal Ridges

This type of wash basin has two ridges spanned between the faucet holes, creating 2 orthogonal spaces for washing your hands or face using running water.

How to choose the right wash basin in China?


Washbasin size: Due to limited space for washrooms nowadays, wash basins should be small-sized; their height should not exceed 40 centimeters, width any more than 50 centimeters. For small washrooms less than 6 square meters or with limited space, it's better to use a wall-mounted washbasin (it saves space). Then washbasin tap and washbasin cabinet should be designed in the corresponding size so as to avoid the washroom looking messy.


Material: Wash basins are generally made from such materials as ceramics, marbles, stainless steel, and glass.              

-- Marble wash basin: It's mostly used for washrooms in hotels and villas abroad due to its luxury and romantic design.             

 -- Stainless steel wash basin: If you're going with stainless steel material, polishing is better than mirror finish because the latter may look a bit cold (it's better to add an artistic sense using decorative tiles or concrete at bottom of wash basin). Also, it's not advised to pick a very bright metal one (which reflects too much light) for washrooms.

-- Ceramic wash basin: It has a wide range of uses, what's more, it's not expensive or difficult to maintain.              -

- Glass washbasin: Its design is suitable for washrooms with a clean and modern style. However, its fragility makes it hard to transport and install; thus, it's recommended only if you're going with a minimalist washroom design.


3) Shape  As same as the material of wash basins, shape also has great influences on wash basins' popularity. This is also depending on different styles, so there are mainly wash basins in round shape, wash basins in square shape and wash basins in oval shape available.


4) Design  There are a lot of wash basin designs available, such as transitional wash basin design, country style wash basin design and traditional wash basin design. It also depends on where you want to place your washbasin whether it can be applied to your home decoration or not.


The function of wash basin cannot be separated from its appearance because it is almost inevitable for people to choose ones that look nice when they need them for their homes. In addition, the materials used for wash basins are getting better and better so the washbasin in china can be used for a long time.


To sum up, wash basin has a very important position in modern people's life because it is widely used by people of all ages. According to its function, color, shape, and design should be paid attention to when choosing one washbasin in china to match your needs.

What should you pay attention to when choosing wash basing in China?


1) Different kinds of wash basins have differences in material beyond your imagination. For instance, the acrylic wash basins are much lighter than other materials but they would be easily broken into pieces by hand. Another example is that the stainless steel wash basins are more expensive than plastic ones, but you can use them for a long time under proper maintenance.


2) It is important to note that not every wash basins in China have the same size. So it is really important to check if wash basin can match your wash hand basin or wash handbasin countertop.


3) Another important consideration of wash basins is whether wash basins have a hole for a faucet. Some people may think that it does not matter, some people even never mind about it while some other people would like to have a proper faucet installed with wash basin.


4) When going through different shapes and sizes of wash basins, you will also find out the color which may add a certain style to your bathroom. But please do not pick up any colors randomly because you should be careful about how these colors match with each other and the entire room decoration.


5) Horizontal wash basins are usually regarded as wash hand basins or wash handbasin countertop which is installed horizontally, but people should take special care about the wash basins that match with wash hand basins or wash handbasin countertops. In this way, it will help you save a lot of space and install them properly without much difficulty.


6) The price of wash basins in china is much cheaper than those wash basins in other countries such as USA or UK. But there would be some differences between different kinds of materials for example the stainless steel wash basin costs higher than an ordinary plastic one even if they have similar size and color. What's more, various discount activities make a big difference between wash basins' prices, wash handbasin or wash hand basin countertop's price.


7) It is necessary to check whether wash basins are for wash hand basins or wash handbasin countertops when buying wash basins in china because the difference between them will make a lot of difference on where you should install wash basins and how they will be installed properly. This consideration also applies to the hole of wash basins which can help you do not mistake installing them directly into your wash handbasin as some other people do. So always pay attention to these aspects when choosing wash basins in China.


8) The last thing that people need to consider is the installation method which usually refers to the instruction guide that wash basins manufacturers provide or wash hand basin and wash hand basin countertop installation methods.


9) The wash basins in China will be shipped directly to your home without having to pay any additional charges for this service which is really convenient and practical. For wash basins, you can get all the information online just by searching " wash basin shopping guide" or something similar.


10) Although wash basins in china are made of good quality materials such as stainless steel material, there might be some difficulties during the delivery process because these wash basins are pretty heavy. So people need to make sure that they have someone strong enough who can help them receive their packages continuously throughout the receiving process. This will help you avoid unnecessary troubles and save a lot of time.

wash basin in China


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