10 Premium Wash Basin Cabinets Companies



 Delving into the realm of bathroom design, this article navigates the intricate landscape of wash basin cabinet companies.

If you're seeking insights into the characteristics that define these essential components of modern bathrooms, you're in the right place.

Throughout this exploration, we commit to unraveling the distinctive traits of ten leading wash basin cabinet companies.

From industry giants like Kohler to innovative players like Cpingao, we promise to illuminate their backgrounds, design philosophies, and the unique features that set them apart.

Our journey begins by understanding the significance of sink cabinet companies in shaping contemporary bathrooms.

These entities transcend mere functionality, acting as architects of style and innovation. Moving forward, we'll explore the diverse designs that vanity cabinets offer, from sleek minimalism to timeless classics.

Finally, we'll delve into the characteristics of each of the ten wash basin cabinet companies, providing you with a comprehensive guide to make informed decisions for your bathroom's focal point.

kohler logo

a) Kohler


Company Background:

Founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler, Kohler stands as a pioneering American manufacturing company with a rich legacy.

Rooted in the values of design, health, innovation, inclusion, and sustainability, Kohler has become a global leader.

Headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin, the company extends its influence beyond plumbing products, encompassing furniture, cabinetry, tile, engines, and generators.

With a workforce exceeding 40,000 individuals, Kohler's commitment to excellence is ingrained in its extensive history.

Product Design Style:

Kohler's design portfolio is a testament to versatility.

From the serene Healthy Sanctuary to the vibrant Millennial Style, classical elegance, and the rustic charm of Farmhouse Style, Kohler caters to diverse tastes.

The Extremist Style exudes boldness, while the Japanese Style embraces simplicity and precision.

Kohler's range goes beyond the conventional, reflecting a commitment to meeting varied aesthetic preferences.


Going beyond product provision, Kohler offers comprehensive design and installation services.

Clients benefit from a seamless experience, ensuring that the transition from selection to implementation aligns with Kohler's exacting standards. Whether envisioning a traditional bathroom or a contemporary oasis, Kohler's service extends to realizing every design aspiration.

strasser logo

b) Strasserwood


Company Background:

Founded in 1982, Strasserwood Products has established itself as a prominent player in the bathroom furniture industry.

Headquartered in Woodinville, Washington, just 20 miles northeast of Seattle, the company has become synonymous with high-quality, luxury freestanding and wall-mounted wood bathroom furniture.

With an expansive portfolio featuring over 50,000 products, Strasserwood has consistently delivered excellence in craftsmanship and design.

Product Design Styles:

Strasserwood distinguishes itself through the use of premium hardwoods sourced from the United States and Canada.

The incorporation of these hardwoods ensures not only aesthetic appeal but also durability. Soft hinges, meticulously crafted, guarantee maximum quality and longevity.

Unlike glued alternatives, Strasserwood cabinets feature quality hardware, reinforcing their commitment to lasting craftsmanship.


Strasserwood is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience.

With a current production lead time of 7-8 weeks, the company underscores its commitment to delivering quality within a reasonable timeframe.

Their customer service is unwavering, ensuring that clients receive the support and attention necessary to transform their bathroom spaces with confidence.

Strasserwood's dedication extends beyond the product, reflecting a commitment to the satisfaction and delight of their clientele.

bertch logo

c) Bertch Cabinets


Company Background:

Founded in 1977, Bertch Cabinets is a stalwart in the heart of the Midwest.

The company has established manufacturing facilities in Orwin, Jessup, and Waterloo, Iowa, with its corporate offices situated on the Waterloo campus.

With over four decades of experience, Bertch Cabinets has carved a niche in the industry, embodying a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Product Design Style:

Bertch Cabinets proudly embraces the timeless art of traditional cabinetmaking, infusing it with a contemporary flair that resonates with modern sensibilities.

With a legacy spanning more than 40 years, the company's product design style reflects a dedication to reviving and enhancing the treasured craftsmanship of traditional cabinets.

Each creation from Bertch Cabinets is a testament to the fusion of heritage and innovation.


Bertch Cabinets stands behind the quality of its products, offering a guarantee against defects in material or workmanship while in the possession of the original purchaser.

This commitment underscores the company's confidence in the durability and excellence of its creations. By providing this assurance, Bertch Cabinets aims to instill trust in its customers, ensuring they receive products that stand the test of time and exceed expectations.

wolf home products logo

d) Wolf Home Products


Company Background:

Established in 1843, Wolf Home Products boasts a rich history and a contemporary impact.

Today, the company serves over 3,500 dealers in the U.S. and Canada, solidifying its position as one of the largest suppliers of kitchen and bathroom cabinets in the United States.

Beyond cabinets, Wolf Home Products is a leading provider of outdoor living and building products.

With a remarkable 99.6% accuracy rate, the company exemplifies precision and reliability in its operations.

Product Design Style:

Wolf Home Products introduces a touch of innovation with its Solid Surface line, featuring a non-porous surface that resists moisture, bacteria, and stains.

This design choice not only ensures a clean and simple aesthetic but also underlines the commitment to durability and hygiene.

The blend of functionality and style in Wolf's product design reflects a dedication to meeting the evolving needs of modern living spaces.


Service excellence is at the core of Wolf Home Products' commitment.

Boasting a large inventory and utilizing smart materials, the company ensures a seamless experience for customers. Furthermore, their products adhere to ISO international standards, attesting to the quality and safety of their offerings.

Wolf Home Products goes the extra mile by providing comprehensive product maintenance and repair services, reinforcing their dedication to the longevity and performance of their cabinets.

Fuao SanitaryWare logo

e) Fuao SanitaryWare


Company Background: With a decade of marketing expertise, Fuao SanitaryWare stands as a well-established online marketing brand.

Flourishing in the industry for around ten years, the company has earned recognition as a top manufacturer of bathroom vanities in India.

This extensive experience underscores Fuao SanitaryWare's commitment to delivering quality and innovation in the realm of bathroom design.

Product Design Style:Fuao SanitaryWare takes pride in its modern style luxury, crafted from the purest materials available.

The company's dedication to contemporary aesthetics is evident in its product design, offering bathroom vanities that seamlessly blend style and functionality.

By using the finest materials, Fuao SanitaryWare ensures a luxurious and enduring appeal in each of its creations.

Service: Fuao SanitaryWare goes the extra mile to enhance the customer experience.

The company provides a free shipping service across India, ensuring accessibility for customers nationwide.

With a 7-day return policy, Fuao SanitaryWare offers flexibility and assurance.

Additionally, the commitment to a 100% secure payment process reflects the company's dedication to customer trust and satisfaction, making the purchase experience with Fuao SanitaryWare reliable and secure.

Hindware Homes logo

f) Hindware Homes


Company Background:

Initiated in 1960, Hindware Homes has evolved into a key player in the realm of home innovation.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hindware Home Innovation Limited, it bears the responsibility for marketing and distributing products in the building sector.

With over six decades of experience, Hindware Homes is a symbol of enduring excellence and commitment to transforming living spaces.

Product Design Style:

Hindware Homes distinguishes itself with a product design style that can be described as fine, elegant, ornate, and original.

The company's dedication to aesthetics is evident in each creation, where form seamlessly meets function.

Whether seeking subtle sophistication or distinctive ornamentation, Hindware Homes caters to diverse tastes with a product line that exudes timeless elegance.


In tune with market dynamics, Hindware Homes ensures its services are continuously updated to meet evolving demands.

The company implements a stringent quality control mechanism, guaranteeing that its products are of top-notch quality with a low scrap rate.

With a widespread presence through more than 300 branded stores and over 14,000 retail outlets, Hindware Homes not only delivers quality but also ensures accessibility for customers across varied locations.

ROCA logo



Company Background:

Founded in 1917, ROCA is a distinguished Spanish company that made its foray into the bathroom industry in 1929 with the production of bathtubs.

Over its century-long journey, ROCA has become an influential force in the global market, with a commercial network spanning more than 170 countries.

With a rich history and a global footprint, ROCA exemplifies expertise and innovation in bathroom design.

Product Design Style:

ROCA's product design style is epitomized by RUY OHTAKE, the son of the renowned Japanese-Brazilian abstract artist Tomie Ohtake.

RUY OHTAKE's design philosophy seeks to awaken the senses, creating spaces that bridge the gap between relaxation and tranquility.

One notable expression of this philosophy is embodied in "THE GAP" collection, where the design focuses on providing an environment of relaxation, tranquility, and privacy.

ROCA's commitment to artistic and functional design sets it apart in the world of bathroom solutions.





Company Background:

Established in 1994, OPPEIN has risen to prominence as China's No. 1 kitchen and customized home furnishing brand.

As the world's largest cabinet manufacturer, OPPEIN has garnered acclaim for its commitment to quality and innovation.

The company's cabinet production and sales volume have soared to 6 million sets, securing its position as an industry leader and a global player.

Product Design Style:

OPPEIN's product design style is a harmonious blend of luxury, modernity, and customization.

With an emphasis on catering to diverse tastes and preferences, the company's creations exude a sense of opulence and contemporary flair.

The commitment to providing customized solutions reflects OPPEIN's dedication to meeting individualized design aspirations.


OPPEIN employs automated intelligent manufacturing processes to enhance the efficiency of customization, ensuring a seamless and precise experience for customers.

The company boasts a professional design team, bringing expertise and creativity to every project.

A strict quality control team upholds the highest standards in manufacturing.

Additionally, OPPEIN's after-sales service team is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, providing support beyond the point of purchase and installation.

The comprehensive service approach makes OPPEIN a reliable choice for those seeking personalized and top-quality home furnishings.

Villeroy&Boch logo

i) Villeroy & Boch


Company Background:

With roots tracing back to 1748 in Germany, Villeroy & Boch has stood the test of time, becoming synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship.

Over centuries, the company has evolved, embodying a legacy of innovation and design that transcends eras.

Today, Villeroy & Boch is celebrated globally for its commitment to quality and heritage.

Product Design Style:

Villeroy & Boch sets itself apart with a product design style characterized by quality and high-end aesthetics.

The brand's creations reflect a pursuit of exquisite life culture, embodying a unique design philosophy that resonates with those who appreciate the finer things.

From tableware to bathroom solutions, Villeroy & Boch's designs elevate spaces with timeless elegance.


Villeroy & Boch goes beyond product provision, offering a one-stop bathroom planner service.

This comprehensive approach ensures that customers receive tailored guidance in creating their ideal bathroom spaces.

Additionally, the commitment extends to post-purchase care, with Villeroy & Boch providing cleaning and maintenance services.

This holistic service model reflects the brand's dedication to facilitating a seamless and enduring experience for its discerning clientele.

cpingao logo

j) Cpingao


Company Background:

Cpingao stands as a high-tech enterprise seamlessly integrating design, research and development, production, processing, sales, and trade.

Operating under the umbrella of Foshan Pensen Building Material Co., Cpingao is a significant player in the industry, specializing in bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, pedestal basins, and other Eimage stone overall sanitary ware products.

Founded in Germany in the 21st century, Cpingao has established itself as an innovative force, boasting 80+ intellectual property rights and 25+ patents for Qimei Stone products.

Product Design Style:

Cpingao's design ethos is rooted in originality, with German design master Carl Muller dedicated to crafting unique designs that embody the beauty of simplicity and a return to the true nature of life.

Chief designer Qin Yang further enriches the design spectrum with expertise in modern, minimalist, and Scandinavian styles, contributing to Cpingao's reputation as a trailblazer in original design.

The company's style is characterized by its commitment to fresh, natural, and uniquely high-class aesthetics, inheriting the advanced sanitary ware culture of Europe while maintaining a steadfast stance against conformity.


Cpingao's commitment to service excellence is evident in its offerings.

The North America one-piece delivery service ensures efficient and reliable product delivery.

The company provides engineer program services, facilitating a seamless integration of its products into diverse spaces.

With a focus on customization, Cpingao tailors its offerings to meet individual needs. Additionally, the company provides online technical guidance services, ensuring that customers receive expert support throughout their experience with Cpingao products.

(wash basin cabinets companies) product from Cpingao



In this exploration of 10 prominent sink cabinet companies, the diversity in design philosophies and product offerings is apparent.

Each company, from industry giants like Kohler and Villeroy & Boch to innovative players like Cpingao, brings a unique flavor to the world of sink cabinet design.

Popularity and purchase rates vary based on individual preferences and regional influences.

Kohler, with its extensive range and global influence, stands out for its widespread appeal.

Villeroy & Boch, rooted in centuries-old legacy, continues to set standards with a timeless approach to design.

Uniqueness finds expression in companies like Strasserwood, Wolf Home Products, and Cpingao.

Strasserwood's emphasis on hardwoods, Wolf Home Products' innovative Solid Surface, and Cpingao's commitment to original design distinguish them as unusual and appealing choices.

While it's challenging to determine an outright winner in popularity or purchase rates, the diversity among these 10 sink cabinet companies ensures that consumers can find the perfect match for their preferences and lifestyle.

Ultimately, the success of each company is rooted in its ability to balance innovation, functionality, and aesthetics to meet the ever-evolving demands of the market.

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