Different types of bathroom vanities made in China
Advantages of bathroom vanities made in China
Disadvantages of bathroom vanities made in China


For many trying to find out the quality of bathroom vanities made in China, it's important to understand bathroom vanity basics. Bathroom Vanities are a traditional style of storage cabinet that usually sits beside a bathroom mirror and often holds a sink. They can be used alone, or combined with other pieces of furniture, such as double lavatories. It may also include a toilet (commercial bathroom) or bidet. Toilet sinks are popular in Europe; however, they do not usually include any storage space for toiletries. The term "vanity" refers to the use of these items for applying makeup or grooming, as opposed to bathroom fixtures such as the bathtub and toilet.

Different types of bathroom vanities made in China

  1. Rectangle/Square shape.


The generally rectangular shape of the cabinet is suitable for small spaces like children's rooms, guest rooms, or smaller bathrooms where space is limited. It is available in different sizes and finishes to match your needs.


  1. Oval Shaped Cabinets: oval-shaped cabinets are actually shorter versions of conventional rectangle cabinets with all the features and benefits that standard cabinetry offers but in a smaller, compact yet sleek design that uses less space compared to other regular-sized cabinets yet provides you the storage you need in tight areas such as above toilets, under stairs or behind doors leading to the hall, etc.


  1. L-Shaped Bathroom Vanity:  vanities a cabinet that has 2 equal wings is ideal for use in larger bathrooms where there are two sinks. The function of the double sink vanity is to provide you with more space and convenience as it can be used to hold more items such as towels, toiletries, cosmetics, etc.


  1. Wall Mounted Vanity Unit: these types of cabinets are perfect for any small spaces because it does not require wall space or much floor area at all. Because it rests on your wall by installing screws into the studs behind the wall surface, this type of cabinet will save you a lot of room while making your bathroom look stylishly beautiful and organized at once as well.


  1. Freestanding bathroom vanities: if you do not want to mount your vanity unit on the wall or put it on top of a cabinet or base, you can also get double sinks in a freestanding design that is elegant and very functional. This type of pedestal is generally made from strong wood like oak or mahogany that can last for decades while giving out rich, warm tones to make your bathroom look even more beautiful.
bathroom vanities made in China

Advantages of bathroom vanities made in china


There are many bathroom vanity manufacturers making bathroom vanities. In this situation, bathroom vanity shoppers need to take care of some issues that will help them get the best price and quality bathroom vanities. The internet is considered one of the best sources to gather information about bathroom vanities. For those who are new to this process, it's a good idea to learn what they should consider before buying bathroom vanities made in China.     

Save money and time

Choosing bathroom furniture from China for your home can be an excellent choice because you can save a lot of money and time as well. Chinese manufacturers are experienced when it comes down to making interior furniture for homes or public spaces like schools, hotels, restaurants, offices, and so on. Besides bathroom vanities, you can find kitchen cabinets as well that are made in China.


The bathroom vanity tops are available in many different materials like granite, marble, solid surface, and other options. You should know the type of material that will work for your bathroom at home and make a decision to purchase bathroom vanities or not with the help of an expert. The expert bathroom designers have ample knowledge about these bathroom vanities types and they will recommend only such items which can be placed inside bathrooms without any problems.


There are different companies offering bathroom vanities but when it comes down to purchasing bathroom furniture from China, there are certain issues that need to be taken into consideration by all means because cheap doesn't always mean low-quality bathroom vanities. You need to focus on bathroom vanities made in China that are available in the market at a cheap price but good enough to meet your bathroom requirements and expectations as well.


Some of the bathroom vanities can be very large in size and you will need help from bathroom contractors to find out how they should be installed at your home. If you do not know anything about these bathroom designs, it's better that you talk with a professional bathroom designer who has a lot of experience when it comes down to interior design projects for bathrooms or kitchens. They can work with local building officials so that problems arising after the installation of bathroom furniture from China can be sorted out in no time. You just have to understand their working style and you will get bathroom vanities that look great and serve the purpose in bathrooms for years together.


Finding bathroom cabinets or bathroom vanities made in China is certainly not a difficult task as you can easily search on many of the top search engines available on the internet with the help of bathroom furniture keywords. You can compare bathroom vanities available at different online stores which offer bathroom items wholesale prices to their customers who are planning to purchase bathroom furniture from China. Remember, cheap doesn't always mean low quality and you should buy bathroom vanities from reliable sources only so that after-sales service should be provided without any problems whatsoever.

High quality and can be recycled

Bathroom vanities made in China are of high quality and can be recycled. bathroom vanities made in china are usually made out of birch plywood, which is a byproduct of the lumber industry. bathroom vanities made in china that contain hardwood may have some mahogany or maple splinters along with it. bathroom vanities made in china without hardwoods usually have laminates to give them the appearance of wood grain, but these laminates do not always completely obscure a cheaper core material beneath them. bathroom vanities made in china generally have heavy construction and will easily last ten years or more if taken care of properly. bathroom vanities made in china cabinets tend to warp over time due to changes in humidity. bathroom vanities made in china can be refinished with a high-quality polyurethane or hard varnish before replacing bathroom vanities made in china hardware. bathroom vanities made in china are also easy to repair and refinish, which makes it possible to update bathroom vanities made in china without replacing the entire cabinet. bathroom vanities made in china cabinets are either self- or full overlay; this means that they either completely cover the front of the existing wall opening or only overhang slightly. bathroom vanities made in china cabinets can be adapted for many different types of applications including medicine cabinets, corner bathroom vanities made in china, corner vanity bathroom vanities made in china, and bathroom vanities made in china. bathroom vanities made in china are available with or without a bathroom sink bathroom vanities made in China. Bathroom vanities made in china come as traditional, transitional, modern, and contemporary.

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bathroom vanities made in china

Disadvantages of bathroom vanities made in china


To those who want the traditional and feel of wood furniture, imported bathroom vanities are the best. 


China is known for its rapid industrialization. Though this produced quality furniture at an affordable price, it also consumes a lot of natural resources. This means that there were many trees cut down to ensure the continuous production of good and cheap Chinese products.

There are several disadvantages of bathroom vanities made in China, some of which may be unavoidable. The most important drawback is the fact that these bathroom vanities are shipped over great distances to reach your door. This means that there might be some damage during the shipping process. If you receive a bathroom vanity with a scratch or chip, it could ruin the look of your bathroom.


How to control the quality of bathroom cabinets?

1) Ask the supplier for a bill of materials (BOM)

You can learn a lot of information about how suppliers price products by looking at the bill of materials or BOM. The BOM is a list of raw materials, subassemblies, and parts (and the quantity of each part) used to manufacture the final product. This information can reveal why the product is priced in a specific way and help you answer questions, such as:
(1) What are the materials of the bathroom cabinet, medium-density fiberboard, plywood, or solid wood?

(2) What accessories will be used on the bathroom cabinet? Will the factory paint wooden cabinets with PE or PU?

(3) Does the price include pop-up windows and faucets?

(4) Is the vanity top made of marble or artificial stone?
According to the detailed information of the BOM, you can understand all of this information and can help you check the quality of the bathroom sink when you receive it. Knowing these order details will help you better understand how suppliers are pricing products. Viewing the BOM can also help you ensure that your product specifications are met. For example, you might find that a supplier plans to use the wrong component and instruct them accordingly.

2) Tell the factory that you will come to the factory to inspect the bathroom cabinets before packing. Only after the inspection is passed, you will pay the balance and arrange the delivery. In this case, the factory will pay more attention to your goods.
Keep in touch with sales and ask for production photos before loading. To inquire about sales, please take pictures of various parts of the bathroom cabinet. This will help you have a general understanding of the surface finish of the bathroom cabinet. For example, is it the color you want? Are there small particles or scratches on the cabinet?

3) Hire a certification body to help you check the quality of cabinets.



Today's bathroom design ideas cater to any taste; they come in all shapes and sizes, colors, materials, and designs. In addition to style, there is another factor that must be considered when choosing between different types of cabinets - budget. Once you have decided what type of bathroom cabinet you are interested in, the next thing to consider is how much you can spend on bathroom vanities made in China. As with most things today, the sky is the limit when looking for a new cabinet.

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