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In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of bathroom tub manufacturers, uncovering the distinctive features that set these industry leaders apart.

If you're in the market for a new bathroom tub or simply intrigued by the innovative designs available, this read is tailored for you.

We assure you an insightful exploration of 10 renowned bathroom tub manufacturers, each contributing a unique touch to the realm of bath fixtures.

From Jaquar to Cpingao, we promise a detailed overview of their backgrounds, design philosophies, and the services they offer.

By the end of this article, you'll be well-equipped with knowledge to make an informed decision on your next bathroom tub.

Join us as we unravel the diverse landscape of bathroom tubs, ranging from classic elegance to contemporary chic.

Discover the distinct design styles that Jaquar, Ove Decors, Kaldewei, Duravit, Devon-Devon, LACAVA, Acritec, American Standard, Kohler, and Cpingao bring to the table.

Whether you seek timeless sophistication, cutting-edge innovation, or personalized solutions, this preview ensures you gain valuable insights into the characteristics of each manufacturer.

Stay tuned for a journey through the world of bathroom tubs that goes beyond mere functionality – it's an exploration of artistry and craftsmanship in every bubble and splash.

jaquar logo

a) Jaquar


Company Background:

 Established in 1960 by the late Shri NL Mehra, Jaquar Group has grown into an industry leader with its headquarters in Manesar.

Boasting 7 cutting-edge manufacturing plants in India and an additional facility in South Korea, Jaquar delivers over 2.9 million bathrooms annually.

Impressively, they produce more than 39 million bathroom fittings each year.

Product Design Style: 

Jaquar stands out with a diverse range of built-in and freestanding bathtubs.

Their design philosophy embodies fashionable simplicity, blending elegance with splendor.

Each bathtub reflects meticulous craftsmanship and innovation.


Setting high standards, Jaquar prioritizes environmental sustainability with zero liquid discharge practices.

Their commitment extends to providing the utmost quality in their products while ensuring excellent customer service.

The fusion of eco-friendliness and top-tier service makes Jaquar a standout choice for those seeking both style and responsibility in their bathroom fixtures.

ovedecors logo

b) Ove Decors


Company Background: 

Embarking on its journey in 2004, Ove Decors has become a prominent figure in the industry.

With its headquarters and showroom nestled in Montreal, Canada, the company serves as a primary retail partner in North America, establishing itself as a key player in the region.

Product Design Style: 

Ove Decors takes pride in offering a spectrum of design styles.

Their product lineup spans the modern and traditional, seamlessly integrating space-saving solutions with eye-catching aesthetics.

Whether you lean towards contemporary or classic, Ove Decors has a tub design to complement your taste.


 Ove Decors has strategically positioned itself with a North American retail partner showroom.

Complementing this, the company operates three distribution warehouse centers, ensuring a robust and efficient supply chain.

Their commitment to long-term partnerships enhances the accessibility and availability of their products, making Ove Decors a reliable choice for those seeking both variety and accessibility in their bathroom tub solutions.

Kaldewei logo

c) Kaldewei


Company Background: 

Rooted in German heritage, Kaldewei is a distinguished family-owned company with an impressive legacy spanning over 100 years.

The company has earned over 150 design awards, solidifying its position as an industry leader committed to excellence and innovation.

Product Design Style: 

Kaldewei's signature lies in crafting bathtubs from exquisite steel enamel. Renowned for their high-quality surface, each tub embodies an elegant design with a promise of lifetime durability.

The emphasis on 100% roundness is symbolic, portraying strength, toughness, solidity, and optimal ductility.

Kaldewei seamlessly marries the robustness of steel with the aesthetic appeal of glass, known for its resistance to chemical or thermal stress and its excellent appearance.


Kaldewei goes beyond conventional offerings with its new Limited Edition Nature Conservation, crafted from CO2-reduced steel.

This underscores the company's commitment to environmental sustainability.

With a global presence represented in more than 80 countries/regions, Kaldewei ensures that their exceptional products and eco-friendly initiatives reach a diverse and widespread audience, making them a go-to choice for those who value both quality and environmental responsibility.

duravit logo

d) Duravit


Company Background: 

With roots tracing back to 1817, Duravit has evolved into a stalwart in the industry.

Boasting 11 production plants and a global workforce exceeding 7,000 employees, Duravit's longstanding history reflects its commitment to excellence and innovation.

Product Design Style: 

Duravit distinguishes itself by crafting products using the same basic materials - clay, kaolin, feldspar, and quartz - forming a harmonious blend of natural recycled substances.

This unique approach not only underscores Duravit's dedication to sustainable practices but also results in a product range that embraces environmental consciousness while maintaining a high standard of quality and aesthetics.


 Duravit AG takes its environmental commitment seriously, holding official certifications according to ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and PEFC (PEFC/04-31-2357).

This certification emphasizes Duravit's dedication to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, aligning with global standards for responsible business practices.

By choosing Duravit, consumers not only access top-notch bathroom products but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Devon-Devon logo

e) Devon-Devon


Company Background: 

Hailing from Florence, Italy, Devon-Devon is an Italian company founded in 1989.

Not only does it showcase a rich heritage in European craftsmanship, but it is also committed to environmentally friendly practices.

Devon-Devon stands out by incorporating responsibly sourced materials in its production processes, emphasizing a dedication to both quality and sustainability.

Product Design Style: 

Devon-Devon's design philosophy revolves around the restoration and reinterpretation of the best European traditions and twentieth-century design.

The company often employs high-grade materials such as marble, ceramics, and solid wood in the production of its products.

This commitment to quality materials ensures that each Devon-Devon bathtub is not just a functional fixture but a piece of art that reflects the company's dedication to craftsmanship and aesthetic excellence.


 Devon-Devon takes pride in maintaining a short supply chain involving specialized workers.

This approach, coupled with close monitoring at every stage of the production process by a team of in-house architects, guarantees a level of attention to detail that sets Devon-Devon apart.

The company's commitment to hands-on craftsmanship ensures that each bathtub meets the highest standards of quality, design, and functionality.




Company Background: 

Originating in Italy and finding its base in Chicago, LACAVA seamlessly combines Italian design aesthetics with American innovation.

Established in an international hub, LACAVA has positioned itself at the intersection of tradition and modernity.

Product Design Style: 

LACAVA distinguishes itself by focusing on contemporary and transitional styles tailored for a variety of environments, including commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential applications.

The company offers both standard and custom solutions, showcasing a commitment to versatility.

LACAVA takes sustainability seriously, crafting their products from renewable resources such as natural wood and actively supporting recycling initiatives.


LACAVA is dedicated to providing customers with a seamless experience.

Their commitment to convenience is reflected in local, personalized services, ensuring that each client receives the attention and assistance they need.

Furthermore, LACAVA's customization capabilities set them apart, allowing customers to tailor their bathtub solutions to specific preferences and requirements.

acritec logo

g) Acritec


Company Background:

Nestled in the British Columbia, Acritec has been a key player in the industry since its founding in 1984.

The company's Canadian roots contribute to its unique perspective in the design and manufacturing of bathroom tubs.

Product Design Style:

Acritec takes pride in creating bathroom tubs that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics.

The company's design ethos revolves around crafting products with timeless design and construction.

This dedication to timelessness ensures that Acritec's products not only meet current trends but also stand the test of time, becoming enduring fixtures in any bathroom.


Acritec's commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its focus on designing and manufacturing the highest quality products.

The company adheres to rigorous testing and evaluation processes, ensuring that each product meets and exceeds industry standards.

This dedication to quality assurance underscores Acritec's commitment to providing customers with bathroom tubs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and reliable.

American Standard logo

h) American Standard


Company Background: 

Boasting a remarkable legacy of over 140 years, American Standard has become synonymous with integrating aesthetics, performance, and environmental design.

The company's rich history underscores its commitment to evolving with the times while maintaining a focus on quality and innovation.

Product Design Style: 

American Standard offers a diverse range of product designs to cater to various preferences and needs.

From freestanding and walk-in tubs to the indulgence of Jacuzzi options, each design embodies a commitment to safety and functionality.

The inclusion of non-slip and wear-resistant features ensures that American Standard's products are not only stylish but also practical and durable.


American Standard goes beyond conventional offerings with products designed to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

This commitment reflects a dedication to creating products that are easier, safer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient for individuals with disabilities or mobility impairments.

In aligning with ADA standards, American Standard ensures that their bathroom tubs are accessible and inclusive, catering to a diverse range of needs.

kohler logo

i) Kohler


Company Background:

 Kohler stands as an industry leader, anchored in its unwavering commitment to values that encompass design, health, innovation, inclusion, and sustainability.

Founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler, the American manufacturing giant is now headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin.

Beyond plumbing products, Kohler diversifies its offerings, extending to furniture, cabinets, tile, engines, and generators.

With a global workforce exceeding 40,000, Kohler's expansive reach reflects its enduring influence in various sectors.

Product Design Style: 

Kohler's design styles transcend the ordinary, offering a spectrum that caters to diverse tastes and lifestyles.

From the serene and health-focused Sanctuary to the trendy Millennial Style, the timeless Classic Style, the rustic charm of Farmhouse Style, the bold Extremist Style, to the minimalist and sophisticated Japanese Style, Kohler's range ensures that there's a design for every individual's unique preferences.


Kohler's commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond product creation.

The company provides comprehensive design and installation services, ensuring that customers not only have access to top-tier products but also receive expert guidance and support throughout the entire process.

This dedication to service enhances the overall customer experience, making Kohler a reliable choice for those seeking both quality and expertise.

cpingao logo

j) Cpingao


Company Background: 

Cpingao stands as a distinguished high-tech enterprise, seamlessly integrating design, research and development, production, processing, sales, and trade.

Operating under Foshan Pensen Building Material Co. in Foshan City, China, Cpingao has established itself as a key player in the industry.

Originally founded in Germany in the 21st century, Cpingao has evolved to become a powerhouse with a focus on bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, pedestal basins, and other Eimage stone overall sanitary ware products.

With a robust intellectual property portfolio, including 80+ intellectual property rights and 25+ patents for Qimei Stone products, Cpingao embodies a commitment to innovation and excellence.

Product Design Style:

 Cpingao's design philosophy is a blend of originality and modern minimalism, shaped by German design master Carl Muller and chief designer Qin Yang.

The beauty of simplicity takes center stage, reflecting a dedication to returning to the true nature of life.

Qin Yang's proficiency in modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, and other design styles adds a unique and high-class touch to Cpingao's offerings.

With a steadfast commitment to originality and meticulous attention to detail, Cpingao stands out as a beacon of new product design in the sanitary ware industry.


Cpingao takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of services to enhance the customer experience.

The North America one-piece delivery service ensures efficiency, while the provision of engineer program services and customized solutions speaks to the company's commitment to meeting diverse customer needs.

Additionally, Cpingao provides online technical guidance services, showcasing a dedication to supporting customers at every stage, from selection to installation.

bathroom bathtub from Cpingao


This article has provided a comprehensive overview of 10 prominent bathroom tub manufacturers, each contributing unique characteristics to the industry.

Jaquar, with its extensive manufacturing facilities and commitment to environmental sustainability, stands out as a popular choice.

American Standard, backed by over 140 years of experience and a dedication to inclusive ADA compliance, also holds a significant position in the market. Additionally, Kohler, renowned for its diverse design styles and global influence, remains a top contender.

Ove Decors and Acritec, with their focus on accessibility and functional design, likely have a higher purchase rate, catering to a wide range of customers seeking both style and practicality.

American Standard's commitment to ADA compliance may also contribute to a higher purchase rate among those prioritizing accessible products.

Cpingao emerges as a standout with its roots in Germany and a design philosophy that combines originality and modern minimalism.

The incorporation of intellectual property rights and patents for Qimei Stone products sets Cpingao apart as an innovative player in the industry.

Kaldewei, with its emphasis on CO2-reduced steel and Limited Edition Nature Conservation, adds an unusual and environmentally conscious dimension to the market.

In essence, the diverse characteristics of these 10 manufacturers cater to a broad spectrum of consumer preferences, ensuring that individuals can find the perfect bathroom tub to suit their unique tastes, functional requirements, and environmental values.

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