Innovative Bathroom Solutions with Cpingao at KBIS 2024


a leading bathroom supplies and marketing company based in China, is thrilled to announce its participation in KBIS2024 in the United States.

Specializing in a wide range of premium bathroom products including artificial stone bathtubs, pure acrylic bathtubs, wash basin design in bathroom, and bathroom cabinets, Cpingao is set to showcase its latest offerings at this prestigious event.

Attendees of KBIS2024 are invited to explore Cpingao's extensive collection of high-quality bathroom fixtures designed to elevate any space.

Whether you're seeking modern sophistication or timeless elegance, Cpingao offers a diverse selection to suit various tastes and preferences.

To learn more about Cpingao and its exceptional products, visitors can connect with the company through its official website at

Additionally, individuals can stay updated on the latest news and offerings by following Cpingao on social media platforms such as

  1. Facebook :(Cpingaobathware)
  2. Instagram: (@cpingaobathtub)
  3. Twitter: (@cpingao2021)
  4. YouTube :(@cpingao2021)

By subscribing to Cpingao's channels, you'll gain access to exclusive content and valuable insights into the world of luxury bathroom solutions.

Interested attendees are encouraged to visit Cpingao's booth at KBIS2024, located at SL9129 within the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Dedicated representatives will be on hand to provide personalized assistance and answer any inquiries about Cpingao's products and services.


  • KBIS 2024
  • KBIS 2024
  • KBIS 2024
  • KBIS 2024
  • KBIS 2024

For those eager to explore Cpingao's offerings further, simply leave your contact information to receive prompt assistance from the Cpingao team.

Whether you're a homeowner, interior designer, or industry professional, Cpingao is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and support throughout your journey.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover.

  • KBIS 2024
  • KBIS 2024

Welcome to know more detailed information about products in Cpingao:

    1. Bathtub
    2. Wash basin
    3. Bathroom cabinet
    4. Led mirror
    5. Faucet
    6. Closestool
    7. Electric Towel Rack

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