Chinese bathroom faucets are among the most beautiful and elegant in the world. They can be found in both Chinese public bathrooms and Chinese homes. The artistry of Chinese faucet design is unmatched by any other culture or location, making Chinese bathroom fixtures an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of china to their bathroom decor. This article will introduce you to some amazing Chinese bathroom faucets that should help give you inspiration for your own design project!

Chinese Bathroom Faucet

The features of the Chinese bathroom faucet

A Chinese bathroom faucet is a type of single control bathroom faucet. Because its name somewhat suggests, Chinese bathroom faucets tend to be found in China or Chinese homes. Chinese bathroom faucets are similar to other kinds of bathroom faucets but can also have separate controls for cold and hot water. Chinese bathroom faucets will typically not need the addition of a stop valve since hot and cold water is controlled by two separate controls. If you've ever been inside a Chinese home or apartment, you probably know that Chinese bathrooms only have one sink whereas western bathrooms would likely have two sinks. It makes sense that Chinese bathroom faucets are only built with one spout. Chinese bathroom faucets can be made of copper, ceramic, or even stainless steel. Chinese bathroom faucets have a long life expectancy if they are looked after properly.


Chinese bathroom faucet is a part of a Chinese product that can be used in the bathroom. Chinese bathroom faucets are made from ceramic and wood materials. Chinese bathroom faucets have unique shapes to make them look different from the western style. Chinese people think that the Chinese shape reflects Chinese traditional culture since the ancient China era.


Chinese Bathroom Faucet usually comes with a small metal or plastic container that separates clean water from dirty water, so after each use, you should rinse out the tub with clean water before filling it up again for the next person. If there isn't one already built in your home, you can buy one designed for this purpose at any hardware store. The way the tap works is very simple: cold on left, hot on right. Chinese bathroom faucet has only hot water, basic soap, and shampoo function. Chinese people use Chinese style bathroom accessory for practical reasons but it is more than that because Chinese bathroom accessory reflects Chinese traditional culture which makes the environment in Chinese living space very special.


Chinese bathroom faucet is a very common Chinese element that Chinese bathrooms have. Chinese bathrooms are places where Chinese people do their thing. Therefore, there needed to be a Chinese bathroom faucet for Chinese people to wash their hands after the task is done in the Chinese toilet.


Chinese bathroom faucets aren't just any regular faucets. Chinese bathroom faucets have been modified by Chinese people over time to maximize their function based on the cultural preferences and habits of Chinese people. Nowadays, modernity has also taken hold in the contemporary Chinese household. So now you'll find some modernized versions of Chinese bathroom faucets as well as traditional ones! In this article, I will teach you more about Chinese Bathroom Faucets!


Types of Chinese Bathroom Faucets


The first Chinese bathroom faucet is the Chinese Old-Fashioned Chinese Bathroom Faucet. The Chinese Old-Fashioned Chinese Bathroom Faucet has a swivel spout on top with a handle to turn it on and off. The water comes out from the circular part on top of the head where there are holes around that create pressure that pushes down on the water flow. It looks like this:


This Chinese bathroom faucet is not just your regular showerhead, but you can also use it as an actual shower! So if you're short on space in your Chinese house/apartment (most Chinese live in small houses), then this Chinese old-fashioned Chinese bathroom faucet is the perfect Chinese bathroom hardware for you!


The Chinese High-Tech Chinese Bathroom Faucet looks like this:


The Chinese High-Tech Chinese Bathroom Faucet also has a spout and a circular head with holes around it. The difference with the Chinese high-tech Chinese bathroom faucet is that there is no handle to turn on and off the water. Instead, there are several buttons for different ways of using water such as shower, bubbles (for people who like bubble baths), regular waterfall (just regular old waterfall), and massage (fluid pulsations). You can find these functions in most modernized Chinese bathrooms nowadays. There is even an electronic touch screen that you can use where you can change the Chinese faucet settings even if your hands are wet!

There are mainly about five types of Chinese bathroom faucets.


  1. Handle Chinese bathroom faucet. It is the most common Chinese bathroom sink faucet, it has a handle to control the water flow and temperature. You can turn on or off or adjust water flow by your hand; once you get used to it, you won't find any problem operating this Chinese bathroom sink faucet even if you are left-handed (I am writing from my personal experience). There are three types of handle Chinese bathroom faucets: two-hole handle Chinese bathroom faucet, single hole Chinese bathroom faucet, and three holes Chinese bathroom faucet. Crosshead Chinese Bathroom Faucet. This Chinese Bathroom Faucet looks like a cross between modern tap and classic handle one, it has Chinese traditional decoration. Chinese crosshead bathroom faucets normally have two parts, one is the Chinese bathroom faucet itself and the other is the Chinese shower head.


2. Two-Handle Chinese Bathroom Faucet. These Chinese bathroom sink faucets are more modern than classic tap without a handle, it has Chinese traditional decoration on the top of the Chinese bathroom tap. And normally there are two handles; you can use both hands to control water flow and temperature by turning these two handles at the same time. Single-Handle Lever Handle Chinese Bathroom Faucet (with Hand Shower). This kind of Chinese bathroom sink faucets is not only for daily life washing but also for taking a shower; usually, this Chinese bathroom sink faucet is a so-called Chinese bidet. Chinese bidet has a hand shower which you can use to wash after using the toilet. Normally Chinese single-handle bathroom faucets are so-called crosshead Chinese bathroom faucets.



3. Chinese Bathroom Faucet with Hand Shower: Chinese single-handle bathroom faucet set normally combine Chinese crosshead Chinese bathroom tap and Chinese hand shower together, it is Chinese modern style for taking a shower after using the toilet. Normally there are two parts of the Chinese hand shower (shower hose): one end connects with the Chinese bathroom water tap; another end connects to the wall-mounted body which has a separate control for the temperature of water flow. Chinese handle bathroom sink faucet normally has three holes on the Chinese shower head fixture.


4. Crosshead Single Handle Lever Handle (with Hand Shower) Chinese Bathroom Faucet: This kind of faucet is a so-called Chinese modern style bathroom sink faucet. Chinese crosshead Chinese bathroom sink faucets always have two parts, one is a Chinese bathroom water tap and the other is a Chinese hand shower.


5. Lever Handle Chinese Bathroom Faucet (with Hand Shower): This kind of Chinese bathroom sink faucet is similar to single handle Chinese bathroom faucet set which has a Chinese hand shower, but different from it because this Chinese single handle bathroom faucet set usually doesn't have three holes on Chinese shower head fixture.

Chinese Bathroom Faucet

The style of Chinese bathroom faucet

Chinese bathroom faucet has its own unique Chinese style, Chinese elements can be found in Chinese bathroom faucet accessories. Chinese bathroom faucets are usually equipped with a separate handle for hot and cold water because it is believed that the Chinese people like to wash hands with boiling water, Chinese like cold water to rinse their face. The design of Chinese bathroom faucets is relatively simple, there are only four to six holes on the surface of Chinese bathroom faucets. Usually, installation modes are fixed or single-hole (the main hole), double-hole (with bath spout) common.

When it comes to Chinese Furniture, the Chinese Bathroom is one of the most important rooms to try Chinese Furniture. Chinese furniture is a good match for Chinese bathroom design and Chinese style. Chinese furniture also can show Chinese culture. China has over 5000 years of history of making furniture from the great inventions in past time. In this paragraph, we will talk about how Chinese people choose their bathroom faucet style, which one is good-looking, how to put them into your bathroom, or what kind of Chinese Bathroom Fixtures that you should choose.


Cantonese bathroom faucet design is characterized by simple lines and colorless glass or porcelain components that give an impression of cleanliness and elegance. Chinese bathroom faucets of Cantonese style are very popular in the UK.


Northern Chinese bathroom faucet design is characterized by its vivid color schemes, decorations, and more complicated piping system which absorbs the hot water used to supply the bathrooms. Chinese style Northern Chinese Bathroom Faucet has special cold-water pipes. Chinese people love this type of bathroom faucet because it is not only beautiful but also useful for keeping out some annoying insects.


Ever since the Chinese bathroom faucet was introduced to North American consumers, it has become more and more popular. Chinese bathroom faucet is very reliable, easy to use and maintain. Chinese bathroom faucet also looks high-end without the high-end price tag! Chinese bathroom faucets are often compared with European or United States-made products - Chinese bathroom faucets easily meet or exceed standards set by these countries.

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