Customization Service

At Cpingao, we are dedicated to offering highly customized services to meet a diverse range of customer needs for bathroom bathtubs, wash basins, vanities, cabinets, faucets, solid surface products, pure acrylic products, resin products, and more. Our professional team diligently follows the customization process, providing real-time feedback to ensure transparency and efficiency in every project.

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Through these extensive services, we ensure each product's individuality and uniqueness while maintaining high standards of functionality, aesthetics, and usability. Our goal is to enhance customer interaction, boost product market competitiveness, and optimize the overall customer experience through our top-notch customization services.

Customization Service 2

At Cpingao, we strive to bring your vision to life with our expert customization services, ensuring you receive products that are tailored to perfection.

Product Drawing Customization:
Customers can submit their own product design drawings, and we will precisely manufacture products based on these specifications.
Comprehensive Production Options:
Styles: We offer mold opening services to customize styles according to your specific needs.
Colors: Our factory provides over a hundred color options and supports personalized color customization.
Sizes: We cater to size customization based on your unique requirements.
Patterns: Choose from various patterns or textures; we offer pattern production services including spraying and hand-painting.
Brand Customization: We support personalized brand displays through logo customization services.
Flexible Remodeling Plans: Our solutions are adaptable to changing markets and customer needs.
Customization Service 3

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