PS-8851 solid surface resin bathtub


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Cpingao has been specializing in bathroom products for 18 years. We are excellent bathroom bathtub manufacturer in China!
We are specialized and professional.
Choose Your Solid Surface Material :
High Molecular Pure Resin
PS-8851 solid surface resin bathtub


Surface Treatment :

Transparent glossy

Colour :

Discover our premium transparent resin artificial stone bathtubs, blending durability and modern elegance. Perfect for contemporary bathrooms, these bathtubs offer exceptional resistance to stains, scratches, and heat. Easy to clean and eco-friendly, our bathtubs ensure long-lasting luxury. Elevate your bathroom design with this stunning centerpiece. Ideal for homeowners and designers seeking high-quality, stylish, and durable bathroom fixtures.

Choose Your Size :
1670*765*560 (mm)/ 65.7*30.1*22.0(inch)
ps-8851 main viewps-8851 top view

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