PS-6620 Freestanding round column washbasin


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Wash basin


Cpingao has been specializing in bathroom products for 18 years. We are excellent bathroom Wash basin manufacturer in China!
We are specialized and professional.
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Pure Acrylic Solid Surface
Freestanding round column Washbasin ps-6620Freestanding round column Washbasin ps-6620


Surface Treatment :

Matte / Polished / Sandblasted

Colour :
Net Weight :
Gross Weight :
Choose Your Size(mm) :
Section A-400X400X900
Section B-450X450X900
Freestanding round column Washbasin ps-6620-A(main view)Freestanding round column Washbasin ps-6620-A(top view)
Freestanding round column Washbasin ps-6620-B(main view)Freestanding round column Washbasin ps-6620-B(top view)

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